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Very knowledgeable of the area. Great advice. Walked us through the entire process.

Mike Grantham, Buchanan, MI | Home Buyer

Debbie is an exceptional and knowledgeable realtor that we had hired in the past. She is highly personable, understanding, and was incredibly responsive throughout the two months we worked together on the sale of our home/purchase of new home. She knew what we were looking for and guided us with her expertise like we were family. It felt like a very smooth process, even though my husband and I understood she was working very hard on things behind the scenes. We would recommend Debbie Foster to anyone thinking of selling or buying a home!

Rhonda and Ben Hesch | Home Buyer

Debbie was personable and knowledgeable. I appreciated her availability and timely response to concerns. Thanks to her this process was stress free because of her standard of excellent.Debbie is a skilled negotiator.

Linda, South Bend | Home Seller

Debbie Foster is the best!

Margo Kluge, Colgate | Home Buyer

Debbie stayed with us from start to finish and not just up to the point of contract. She made sure we had everything we needed - which was especially important as we are new to the area.Debbie was always available. From quick meet ups to late night text messages in working through our contract and inspection details. I couldn't tell you if she had other clients while working with us, as she always made us felt like we where primary focus!

John P., South Bend | Home Buyer

Debbie was the perfect agent for my fiancé and I. She had constant communication and patience. She was always in a positive mood every time we saw her. We had been on the market for months, and she never gave up on us! She helped us find our perfect first home and we could not be happier! I would recommend Debbie to family/friend. :)

Paige, South Bend | Home Buyer

Debbie was very professional and timely in helping me get my house sold. As a first-time seller, she took the time to explain different parts of the process to me which helped put me at ease. I will definitely use her as a relator in the future and would highly recommend her to family and friends.

Michele Sirko, Mishawaka | Home Seller

Debbie was a great realtor and we would recommend her to anyone! She is knowledgeable, experienced, easy to work with, and very accessible and flexible! She cares about each of her clients and works very hard!

Bret Oscarson and Lydia Knorp | Home Buyer

We were looking for a villa and we inquired about one that Debbie Foster had listed. I phoned her late evening because villas were being sold so quickly and we were very interested in the one we saw listed. When I phoned Debbie, she told me the villa already had an offer. She asked what we were looking for and was so pleasant and helpful, even though it was late at night. She offered to meet with us to define more clearly what we were looking for, so we set up an appointment to meet with her. After meeting her, we knew right then that we wanted to work with Debbie. She was knowledgeable, experienced, and very interested in what we wanted. It was the best decision we could have made selecting Debbie as our agent!Debbie displayed all of the above items every day, all the time. In today’s world, it is very rare that you find a professional person who responds as quickly, as efficiently, and as pleasantly as Debbie did. She was so understanding and at our request, assisted us in selecting items, i.e. cabinetry, tile, countertops, etc. for our new home. She even checked our villa during it’s completion while we were in Florida. Debbie went over and above what was expected and always did such with a smile. We couldn’t have been more pleased with her as our agent!Debbie displayed all of the above items every day, all the time. In today’s world, it is very rare that you find a professional person who responds as quickly, as efficiently, and as pleasantly as Debbie did. She was so understanding and at our request, assisted us in selecting items, i.e. cabinetry, tile, countertops, etc. for our new home. She even checked our villa during it’s completion while we were in Florida. Debbie went over and above what was expected and always did such with a smile. We couldn’t have been more pleased with her as our agent!

Patricia Moore | Home Buyer

Debbie was always very prompt for appointments and very knowledgable about all aspects of the sale and preparation of the sale. Great personality and easy to work with. Very, very fast at responding to all (EVERY) questions we had either by phone or text. Never pressured us, and if we had a suggestion about pricing, she didn't try to change our minds. Everything went perfectly. Debbie was excellent and couldn't be happier with the results.We were very very happy with Debbie!

Kevin Bikowski, Lawton, MI | Home Seller

Debbie was excellent to work with and we were very impressed with her attention to detail and level of communication. We would definitely recommend her.

Bill, South Bend | Home Buyer

We were moving halfway across the country to South Bend and Deb Foster was recommended to us. I would not suggest trying to find a new home under these conditions: during a pandemic, with low available inventory, and from 700 miles away. But if you do, the only broker to use is Deb Foster.

Dennis & Bernadette | Home Buyer

Debbie was referred by my credit union. Once I met her I never considered looking elsewhere. I explained my wants to her and she just ran with them. She exceeded all of my expectations. If I ever need an agent broker again I will actively seek her out. Debbie went above and beyond in assisting with every step of the process. I never even got a chance to ask any questions.... she answered ALL of them before I even had the chance. Her attention to detail was truly exceptional. I am someone who doesn't care much for surveys and rarely participate in them. . People tend to be overly critical in my experience. This one is worth my time. A+I would not ask for anything to be different. I am sorry I cannot speak to Cressy and Everett as a whole. Debbie was the only person I interacted with.

Jason Diamond of South Bend | Home Buyer

Debbie Foster was my realtor when a purchased my home in 2015 and I did not hesitate to call her when I made the decision to list the property in 2021.Beautiful pictures were taken in short order. The listing was detailed and highlighted the best aspects of the property. I had multiple showings in short order. Debbie is very responsive to any questions. She demonstrates professionalism in her work and is a warm kindhearted person. I would absolutely recommend Debbie to anyone in the area looking for an agent.

Amanda W., South Bend | Home Seller

Anyone I see and talk that is the market I always mention Debbie.

Ryan Newland | Home Buyer

Debbie was the definition of perfection in her handling of the transaction. She presented us with information at the beginning of the process that was accurate and Realistic and very achievable. She worked with us to make sure showing and inspections were appropriate to the time frame we had available as we gave two small kids and a dog to work around. She was on top of giving us enough forewarning to make sure we could accommodate. I cannot recommend her services enough. I used to work with agents regularly as a local contractor and very few had them enthusiasm and pride in their job and passion for their clients she demonstrated.

Adam Clevenger | Home Seller

Debbie took her time and checked out every house I asked for. She gave her opinion on things but wasn't pushy. She also sent me many personally selected for houses along with her thoughts on the house. I ended up going with a for sale by owner house where she was extremely knowledgeable about. I would Highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy house is the area . She knew many inspectors and which she would recommend for certain situations . I cant recommend Debbie more and I just arrived in town a few days ago I was happy to see she had left a plant at the house as gift.

William Moede | Home Buyer

It was by a stroke of luck that I initially contacted Debbie Foster in a search for a villa. My husband and I toured a villa listed by another agent of C&E and were not impressed. In searching for villas online, I saw one that was listed by Debbie, which we were very interested in touring. I called Debbie at 9:30 p.m., and even though it was late evening, Debbie was very pleasant and helpful. She told me that the villa of interest had already been sold within hours of it being on the market. Debbie was very understanding about the demands for villas and how quickly they were selling. She asked some questions pertaining to what we were looking for as far as location, price, etc. She offered to meet to review what we were looking for in a villa and said there was no obligation. We met with Debbie at her office in South Bend and we were immediately impressed with her sincerity, her kindness, her knowledge and her interest is us and our pursuit of a villa. We appreciated that she was never pushy and was always very patient and understanding.

Patricia Moore, Elkhart IN | Home Seller

Debbie Foster is a very personable and knowledgeable individual. She looked at the whole property before suggesting possible selling prices for the house our dad built and my brothers and I had been raised in. She listened and answered all of our questions and understood that we did not want to make a lot of changes to the house. Debbie Foster's guidance made the process much easier. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy a house. It was a pleasure working with her.

Deanna Culp, South Bend | Home Seller

Debbie was highly recommend for her professionalism and local area experience as we moved from out of state. She was very helpful and went over and beyond with everything.We could not have asked for a better agent to work with to find our home. After many house visits we were excited to put in an offer and even though it was not accepted Debbie was so patient, kind, and very positive and continued to show us more until we finally found the one for us. First time buying a home as a married couple and couldn't have asked for better results. It was a great experience.

Dr. Lukas & Kimberly Kromer, Mishawaka | Home Buyer

She's awesome! Very understanding of my needs and helped me understand/guided through the process of purchasing my home.Extremely knowledgeable, Debbie knows what she's doing! Guided me through the entire process with ease, I definitely recommend.

Christopher Perona, South Bend, Indiana | Home Buyer

Debbie was very knowledgeable when handling inspections, utility do's and don'ts and notifying me of any documents that needed my attention. She made my home buying process easy and fluid. I am so glad I chose her to help me in this process. I could not be happier. She even went as far as to include a letter to the seller, explaining why I loved the property, when sending in the offer.

Paula, Niles Michigan | Home Buyer

Debbie was amazing to work with. As first time home buyers her expertise, experience, knowledge, and so much more were so helpful in helping us find our first home. Even during a crazy housing market! She always took the time to answer our questions and explained everything so we understood what was going on. Debbie was so kind, helpful, and easy to work with. We could not have asked for a better real estate agent!

Lizzie Heisler, Mishawaka | Home Buyer

I would recommend Debbie Foster , she did a wonderful job selling my house !Debbie always helped me understand everything .

Martha Cressy South Bend In | Home Seller

From the initial contact to the closing Debbie was right there with me acting in my interest in the most professional yet accessible manner.

Helen Donis-Keller | Home Seller

Debbie Foster was great with the process of buying a new house. She answered all my questions.

Martha Cressy South Bend , In | Home Buyer

Debbie is the BEST! She went above and beyond with every aspect of our home buying experience!

Dawn & Gary Smith | Home Buyer

Debbie Foster was amazing! She was so helpful and went above and beyond to assist my long distance sale of the property. She handled everything with excellent communication each step of the way.

Lorraine Nettles Vancouver, Washington | Home Seller

Debbie Foster is an excellent choice in realtors. She was an excellent communicator. I felt she had my best interest in mind. She was kind, patient and just a gem to deal with. You will be pleased you chose her too.

Mary Rampi South Bend | Home Seller

We were very pleased at the work Debbie Foster put into the listing, negotiation, and closing of our house. She was a delight to work with. We would highly recommend her to anyone! Debbie helped us attempt to sell to a friend that we had put on the exclusion list, and she was very patient with the process as our friend discovered that it was not possible for her to buy the house. She gave us tips for selling, oversaw contractors work, obtained contractors and in general moved the sale along as we returned to our main house out of state. She was always helpful, cheerful, pleasant and encouraging.Debbie worked very diligently with us as we completed our renovations, attempted a sale to a friend, finally went on the market, got a sales contract, negotiated items and closed. She was very, very helpful.We primarily dealt with Debbie both when we were in state and out of state. We had no problems or issues with the performance of Cressy & Everett South Bend. Debbie is the best of the brokers that we have dealt with in our purchases of 4 houses over 30 years.

William and Diane Hancock, Knoxville TN (where there is more summer) | Home Seller

Debbie is simply amazing! As first time sellers we definitely lacked knowledge of how the whole selling process worked (especially in a market like today's) but Debbie was there patiently walking us through every step. We quickly learned to trust and value all of her knowledge and opinions. We would recommend Debbie to anyone!!

Dawn & Gary Smith Jr, South Bend | Home Seller

Debbie is a family friend and working with her seemed like the smartest choice when house hunting. Debbie was excellent with communicating between the 2 parties for the house we looked at and was very detail-oriented. She went above and beyond and we couldn't appreciate it more.

Zack Bucher, Niles | Home Buyer

Debbie Foster was a great communicator and reliable to follow up on any issues or questions I had. She is great to work with and I would highly recommend her to everyone!

Lori Price Granger | Home Seller

We have worked with Debbie for our last two houses for selling and buying. She has helped my grandma sell her house, my brother buy his first home, and is now helping my other brother buy his first home. She is very knowledgeable and understanding in the selling and buying process. We wouldn't recommend anyone else, but her!

Heidi and Nick Elliott | Home Seller

Debbie was amazing in both buying and selling our home. I would recommend her to anyone in the area.

The Duffy’s | Home Seller

Debbie was exceptional. Having purchased and sold a number of homes over my life, I (and my wife) found Debbie friendly, smart, helpful and professional.

Michael Legamaro, Austin Texas | Home Buyer

Debbie handled the sale of my house perfectly and professionally. I would recommend her to anyone. Very well done!!!!

Evan Kuehn. Cassopolis MI | Home Seller

Debbie Foster is an absolutely amazing realtor and I'm eternally grateful for all the help and support she provided in the journey of finding my perfect home. She was beyond patient, extremely optimistic, and always available throughout the whole process. Even when I began to doubt finding my home, she was there to lift me up and assure me that my perfect home was waiting for me. She was not only a great realtor, but her elegant demeanor made me want to be a better person.She is very knowledgeable and will do everything in her power to make sure you get the home of your dreams. Even after finding my home, she took care of everything! I was able to enjoy the excitement of my first house and not stress about anything involved before closing. Anytime I had any type of question, she always answered in a such kind way that brought comfort and better understanding.I would highly reccomend Debbie to anyone looking for an outstanding realtor. Anyone who uses her will not be disappointed and will enjoy the process of finding their perfect new home!Thank you so much Debbie for everything! You are truly amazing at what you do!

Kara Collins, Mishawaka | Home Buyer

Debbie was the perfect realtor and did an amazing job helping us find our dream home. She was very patient and answered any questions or doubts we had and made the home buying process really easy and smooth. She helped make all of the paperwork and processes easy to understand and fully explained the purchase agreement when we put in any offer, recommended a great inspector for us and took care of any other specialist we needed.Debbie was the sweetest to work with. Very patient and knowledgeable about different aspects of the homes and home buying process which helped us make the right choices when deciding to put in any offer. She always responded quickly to any questions or concerns and was very quick to get us a showing to a house we were interested in.

Courtney Salazar, Mishawaka | Home Buyer

Debbie Foster was always a bright light guiding me through a tough time selling my beloved home. She was there for me through thick and thin; most notably patient and kind. Even though she was a dual realtor in this situation, I always felt she was with me and for me. Debbie went out of her way many times to make this process easier for all involved. I would definitely recommend Debbie to anyone without exception to sell or buy. She’s a 20 out of 10! This is a true and honest testimonial.

Mary Rose Roll | Home Seller

Debbie was fantastic in selling my previous home. There was no reason not to use her when I purchased a home.

Randall Welch | Home Buyer

She was very kind, responsive, knowledgeable. She really cared about us. We were so lucky to have her help us find our home! She is great! It was such a nerve wracking experience buying a house from a distance and she put us at ease! She is a wonderful person and realtor!

Giuseppe & Sheryl Vinci, Granger, IN | Home Buyer

Loved working with you, and I will call you back whenever I need you!Thanks for all your thanks for all your help

Cindy Huff South Bend, IN 46615 | Home Buyer

Debbie was fantastic for first time home buyers like my wife and I. We used a VA loan and she helped accommodate that process with my lender seamlessly. We had many silly questions and much indecisiveness, but Debbie was very patient and considerate of our needs. We never felt uncomfortable thinking out loud or expressing our concerns. We took a while to finally determine what we were looking for, and Debbie was instrumental in that process. She quickly identified what we liked and helped us find the PERFECT house that we wanted. She did a great job. She never once got tired of showing us houses and never once pushed us to settle. We cannot thank Debbie enough for her help on the purchase of our first home. THANK YOU DEBBIE!

David and Vanessa McAllister, South Bend | Home Buyer

I cannot say enough good things about Debbie. She was kind, professional, answered all of my questions in a timely fashion, and truly went above and beyond to help with inspections and closing. If my husband and I ever decide to move back to the area, she will be my first call and I would use her services again without question.

Lauren Daugherty, South Bend | Home Seller

I would recommend Debbie to anyone interested in selling a home

James Custard | Home Seller

Some of the things that Debbie did to help our selling process go more smoothly were that she recommended several companies to clean out our septic tank, and then was there to oversee the process when we chose the firm to do so as we were out of state when they came to do the cleaning. Deb also recommended a company to come and clean out our house who also had a sale of items we chose to leave behind and then cleaned the house so it was ready for the buyer of our house to move in. That was a most welcome suggestion for us! Deb also recommended several moving companies to which we chose one to move items to our new residence out of state and we were very satisfied with our mover choice. It seemed that every concern that we had in the selling and moving process, Deb had a plan or suggestion to help us deal with it. As I stated before, we wouldn’t have had such a successful transition in relocating to another home without Deb’s invaluable help.

Julie and Jack Gollings. Crestview Hills, Kentucky | Home Seller

Working with Debbie has been a great experience and I will happily continue to work with her while going through the process of buying a home.

Casey Thompson, Mishawaka | Home Seller

Debbie always kept me informed on everything and if I had a question she responded right away, no delays.Debbie - Does a great job I will recommend her to anyoneExcellent everything from selling my property to buying a property she was great to deal with and made everything much easier.

Patti Berger Granger | Home Seller

Debbie is a great Agent. She always gets right back to me and stays in with everything that is going on.She found me the perfect place and the day it was put on the market I was able to see it and make my offer.I will be listing my old home in the next few weeks and I'm looking forward to working with her again.I will recommend her to everyone. She is a great person, I enjoy all of her time and help!she is great!!!

Patti Berger Sagewood Mishawaka | Home Buyer

Debbie did a great job communicating with us and walking us through this process, especially being first time home buyers. We would highly recommend her.

Debbie Foster has been the greatest! Selling and buying a home can be the most frustrating process, Debbie is always there answering our many questions with constructive feedback, always positive and always professional.We had moved three different times in a year and a half, Debbie was with us every step of the way. We could not imagine not having her by our sides through this journey. She was truly our guardian angel! We got the right price for each home we sold and bought.Debbie Foster is THE best to have on your side!

Debbie was very responsive. Looking at houses with always a positive experience with her. She help me decide on the offer for my first house purchase, and also quite a bit on my inspection repair request. She never made me feel like I was wasting her time. She was always generous with her time.

Debbie stuck by our side for 65 houses and 11 offers. She never gave up on us. She stuck by our side and was still honest enough to tell us if a house wasn’t right for us even through this very long process. She is an amazing realtor!

Debbie Foster is wonderful! She is personable and really knows the South Bend /Mishawaka area! I will undoubtedly use her services in the future. She was able to negotiate with the Buyers Realtor with no problems.

Used professional photographer and has a lot of attention to detail. Works well with scheduling for the client. We would definitely use Debbie Foster in the future. It was because of her attention to detail, marketing and enthusiasm that got us 3-5 clients a day looking at our house. Our house sold in 6 days.

After working with several realtors over the years, I feel confident in saying Debbie is the best. What matters to me most is her set of ethics, and her honesty, patience, and great sense of humor are icing on the cake. She is extremely knowledgeable about the area, and remembers details and requests from previous communications. She also explains legalese and jargon with concision; she never seems to mind me asking for the same clarification multiple times, either! I’m very, very grateful to have developed a relationship with this realtor, and plan to work exclusively with her on all future transactions.

Debbie is great to work with. Very responsive and tech savvy which I appreciated. She gave good advice when I asked for it and steered me to a home that is perfect for me! I really enjoyed working with her.

Debbie was very patient and helpful during a long search we had to find the right property for us. In addition she is very professional and extremely client focused with a can-do approach. For example, on the property we purchased, she represented us at the closing since we were not able to attend and did a terrific job of coordinating various repairs and other items that needed to be complete prior to close. It was a real pleasure to work with Debbie and I would highly recommend her for your real estate needs.

She is in every way a professional with a heart. She was very patient with me when I told her I had to stop my search for a home because of illness. When things got better she was right there to help me resume my search for a home. Very smart & sweet woman who helped achieve my goal: my perfect home!

James Wheat

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